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Hi, I am Gizem

I am a T-shaped designer, with 10+ years in the field, and a track record of delivering end-to-end UX/UI design for software products, solving business objectives, shaping design culture and driving customer value.

About ME

Collaborating to create solutions that have a measurable impact.

I have worked at the intersection of disciplines for 10+ years. My diverse background has given me a robust set of skills that I can bring to any challenge. Personally and professionally, my super power has always been to adapt, learn and apply.

With a track record of delivering end-to-end UX/UI design for software products, I aim to bring clarity to complex problems in collaboration with cross-functional counterparts. 

As a designer, I pay close attention to how I can make an experience as familiar as possible, and that can only be achieved through a deep understanding of the user. I aim to bring clarity to complex problems using a variety of design and research methods in collaboration with cross-functional counterparts. 

SELECT Projects

HSB Meshify

We are transforming how emerging technology combines with insurance through our IoT solutions. I create experiences that educate and guide policyholders on how to confidently integrate IoT products into their operations and everyday life.

Role: Product Designer

BTC Labs

Leveraging expertise in blockchain technology, BTC Labs is a venture studio building a suite of decentralized applications. I worked closely with the CoinCart team on the enterprise-grade ICO issuance platform. I also designed the PoC for the BTC blockchain explorer.

Role: Product Designer

Anaconda Inc,

At Anaconda, I lead discovery, user research and testing sessions to help us make informed decisions about products used by scientists in Fortune 500 companies.

Role: Product Designer
The Pulse of Austin

During ATX Hack for Change, I joined forces with an amazing team of 12 to create a website for the Pulse of Austin. We rallied around The Pulse’s mission: Make civic participation simple and personal.

Role: Hacker | Designer
Grow with Google | Udacity

In 2018, I earned the Grow with Google Scholarship for Front-End Web Development. Coursework covered web accessibility, Javascript (OOP), tools & testing, and progressive web apps.

Completed: October 24, 2018

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